Parent's Choice

True love for learning

2019, 1S Ingrid Tang’s Parent

As a new P1 student for this school, like most of many parents that may have not only one choice last year when considering which primary school was suitable for the child, we feel very fortunate to have had Gigamind as our final decision, that both we and Ingrid can immerse herself in this nurturing educated environment and this big family.

What impressed us was the friendly and attentive staff to our needs while we inquiring the related school administration of interview or registration open day etc. last year. Next is the Principle Mr. Law’s school ideals of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which incredibly matches 100% to our thoughts. Besides, the class sizes are great and it helps the teachers to know each of the students as well as provide the best support to them.

During the past half year, the school has provided my daughter with a true love for learning by the active and structured curriculums. The school is not a “homework and testing factory”, but teaches and stimulates students in how to ask questions, think critically, make inferences, and higher order thinking in terms of academic aspects. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm of the teachers is contagious. The teachers are full of love and compassion to inspire Ingrid to understand both the diversity of others with differentiations, as well as her individual characteristics strength. I can see her grow into an intelligent, caring and accountable team player while also keeping herself creativity and unique. The most important is, Ingrid is eager to school everyday, since the 1st day of her school day until now, and she also makes good friends here!

We could not be happier with Gigamind and their partnership with us to care for Ingrid, and looking forward to the future!


Own your space in Gigamind!

2018, 6S Cyrus Chiu’s Parent

Time flies! It is so unimaginable that my son, Cyrus, will graduate from this lovely school soon. His adorable face when he attended the school on the first day is still in my mind. Throughout these years, Cyrus has been receiving awesome learning experience in this warmest school environment. There is full of love in school everyday. Dearest Principal, teaching teams and all other staff have contributed their every effort and kind assistance in building up students’ academic knowledge and beautiful characters.

Different from other schools as I knew from my friends, Gigamind does not limit their teaching within the school-based curriculum but provides for“space” and “opportunities” to students to develop their creative thinking, to voice out their own views, to respect others, to actively participate or even lead various interesting activities, to learn how to help others in learning with fun, and the most important is, to make their own dreams! Apart from school learning, Cyrus gets more time in reading novels and other books he likes. Without unnecessary stress on study, he can also enjoy cycling, playing badmintons, swimming and playing music with friend during holidays. I am sure this six-year study tour in Gigamind has cultivated Cyrus to have a positive mind and courage to enter his next level of challenge.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate the success of School Open Day and give my heartfelt thanks to all the people in Gigamind English Primary School.


Like an extended family

2018, 3S Bhavana Priya’s Parent

Our daughter Bhavana Priya is studying in P3.S class. Gigamind is more like an extended family which plays a vital role in the development of our daughter. During her journey from Primary one she has become more confident and knowledgeable.

Everyday, she enjoys learning new things at the school. The focus is not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. The students are given opportunity in participating in a variety of activities like dancing, singing, etc. and showcasing their talents.