English Immersion Environment

Gigamind has an English immersion learning environment. English is used throughout the school, in all the activities and all the subjects except for Chinese in which students use Putonghua in communication. English is our learning and teaching language, working language and also playing language.

Student-Centered Curriculum

The school adopts a student-centered and school based curriculum which aims at coping with students’ needs and promoting their abilities and interests to the fullest. Our English and Chinese curricula are completely school based and tailor-made for our students. We believe that each student is unique and every child has their own talent, developing students’ multiple intelligence is our concern.

Small Class-Small School

In a small school like ours, small classes and close relationships among teachers and students are our advantages which benefit learning. Generally, there are not more than 20 students in one class while Activity Approach is adopted. Students have more opportunities to participate in learning and in different activities.

Assessment for Learning

We promote students’ abilities for life-long learning. Comprehensive on-going formative assessments and descriptive reports are used throughout the six years. Assessments and the related report system in Gigamind are not for ranking or grading students but for improving learning.