Our curriculum follows the framework suggested by the Curriculum Development Council of the Education Bureau. However, we have higher expectations on the learning objectives in the teaching and learning mathematics programmes.

During Mathematics lessons, our teachers ask different questions to inspire students to think critically and encourage students to explain their thoughts and ideas. We also provide rooms for students to show their imagination and creative thinking in Mathematics through class activities and projects.

Activity based learning is adopted in Gigamind’s Mathematics curriculum. It is an effective way in learning. During lessons, teachers provide various learning activities in supporting students to learn different dimensions such as measures, shapes and space. Activities including observation, hands-on experiment, measurement, drawing and projects.

Our students are learning Mathematics through observation and hands-on experiments. Throughout these learning processes, students are learning Mathematics with fun and they can apply their knowledge in daily life.


Further information

Examples of how our students studying Mathematics be found on our “Open Day 2024” website.  [Link]