• Are there any open days and information sessions for parents to know more about Gigamind?
    Information session for P.1 will be held in March/April every year, and the Open Day will be in March. Details will be posted on the school web site.
  • I would like to apply for a place in Gigamind for my child. When will application be open?
    For the convenience of overseas children, the application is open throughout the whole year. Interview will then be arranged on an appropriate date. For P.1 applicants, we will arrange interviews in October and May before the school year begins. Details for P.1 applicants will be posted on the school web site.
  • What language will be used in students’ interview?
    Both English and Putonghua (Mandarin) will be used in the interview with the students. We understand that children of different ages have their corresponding abilities. We will not have inappropriate expectation of children.
  • Apart from interviewing students, will parents of applicants also be interviewed?
    Yes. The interview is mainly for acquiring an understanding of the children’s character, language ability and overall development. It is also a chance for parents to share their understanding and expectation of their children.
  • Are applicants required to attend a written assessment?
    Applicants for P.1 are not required to attend written assessment. For applicants of other grades, a simple written assessment on English and Mathematics will be needed. English will be used in the assessment.

Curriculum and further studies

  • Can the curriculum of Gigamind link up with the local secondary schools’?
    The curriculum development follows the framework suggested by the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council. It can totally link up with the local secondary schools’.
  • What about further studies of Gigamind graduates?
    The design of our curriculum together with our English learning environment and our active learning strategies enable our students to enroll into the local Direct Subsidy Scheme secondary schools or enter the local aided government secondary schools through the system of Secondary School Place Allocation. They can also receive secondary education at overseas colleges or local international schools.
  • How is the arrangement for Gigamind graduates to enroll into Yew Chung International School (Secondary) (YCIS)?
    Gigamind is the feeder school of YCIS in Hong Kong. The feeder school arrangement basically enables Gigamind’s Primary 6 graduating cohorts to have direct access to YCIS. Every year, before the other secondary schools start their enrollment process, YCIS will invite Gigamind graduates to reserve places in YCIS and follow a related process.


  • Can parents drop off their children in the school car park?
    Yes, but since there is limited space, we have to give priority to the nanny buses, parents must be patient, or if possible, avoid using the parking spaces during peak hours. If parents choose to let children get on or off their cars in nearby locations, please avoid affecting the traffic and leave as soon as possible.
  • Can students bring their mobile phones or smart watches (with communication functions) to school?
    Yes, but students must hand in their mobile phones or smart watches (with communication functions) to their teachers when they are in school.