Gigamind English Primary School

Gigamind English Primary School is a bilingual Christian private school. The school offers quality education aiming at stimulating the development of children's "Multiple Intelligences" through pedagogically sound teaching methods. Though the school adopts Hong Kong local curriculum, teaching strategies are similar to those of the international schools.

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Gigamind Open House 2022

Our school is going to hold a "Gigamind Open House 2022" activity on Saturday, 17 September 2022. This activity is a school tour in small groups for having a close look at Gigamind. 

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Open Day 2022 — Registration

Gigamind English Primary School will have an Open Day on Saturday, 28 May 2022. There will be Online Info Sessions and On-campus Small-group Learning Experiences for the kids at our school. We would like to share the interactive learning of Gigamind through the Open Day. We have set up a dedicated website to introduce our interactive learning through different examples. You can also find more information about our school there. The website is at: Registration for the Online Info Sessions and the Small Group Learning Experiences is now open.