School Services

Student Dress Code

School uniform is compulsory for all students. It is to promote a sense of belonging to the school among students as well as to present a positive and simple image throughout the wider community. Students are required to maintain their appearance and keep their uniform neat and tidy in and out of school.

However, the design of our school shows that we believe kids are active and each of them is unique.

Download: Student Dress Code

School Bus

In the current year, we outsource the school bus service to Daily Ride Transportation Limited. The coverage of the service is from Tuen Mun Pier to East of Yuen Long including Kam Shan Road.

To provide consistent quality service, we will keep on taking the responsibility to monitor the service. Parents may either write to us or call us to provide feedback on the quality of the service.


Students can order lunch at school in advance.

Students can also bring their own lunch or arrange to deliver it to school before lunch time by their parents.