2’s to 5’s program

Our curriculum is child-based and from the child’s perspective. The school’s curriculum is geared to meet the children’s abilities and interests. It is designed to stimulate the growth of the children and their potential to the fullest extent in a comprehensive and well-balanced manner.

Our school provides different learning activities to develop the children’s learning skills, restructure their experiences, and construct knowledge for building a firm foundation for their future learning.

To allow the children to learn in a joyful atmosphere as well as an open and advantageous environment; while providing them the opportunity to take the initiative to explore and create with ample time.

2’s program

This program uses Cantonese (mother tongue) as the medium of instruction. The English teacher organizes lessons that promote interactive learning and use of the English language. This program provides abundant opportunities and interesting learning experiments for the children. It allows them to take the initiative to become more self-reliant and independent, while also enhancing their physical development.

3’s to 5’s program

These programs are bilingual (Cantonese/English). Both Cantonese and English teachers work collaboratively to expose the children to both languages equally. Putonghua is taught by a native teacher biweekly. These programs are based on the children’s development and interest. The children are encouraged to learn by participating in investigative activities. Through these activities, the children are able to acquire different skills. We encourage the children to be independent, initiative, responsible, willing to participate and cooperate with others.