Overview and Philosophy

Gigamind English Primary School

Gigamind English Primary School was established in 2001. It is a private whole-day school located in Tin Shui Wai, however, its catchment area covers all districts in Hong Kong. Gigamind is a bi-lingual Christian school integrating Multiple Intelligence teaching methods and child-centred interactive programmes.

Gigamind offers quality education aiming to stimulate the development of children's "Multiple Intelligences" through pedagogically sound teaching methods which are bound to inspire children's minds and develop their potential to the fullest extent. Scientific thinking is emphasized to lead children to the quest for truth and the mastery of technology in the future. Artistic creativity helps children develop their capability in both imaginative and creative domains, bringing a new stimulus for the knowledge-oriented society.

Religious and moral enlightenment nurtures in children an optimistic and positive view on life and stills in their gratitude, love and forgiveness, attributes that are fundamental to building up a peaceful society. The convergence of science, art and religion is the spring of creativity in the 21st century and is also the driving force for children to take on the challenges brought forward by the technological world.

Gigamind Kindergarten and Children's House

We respect every child and believe each possesses unique potential. By providing a rich learning environment incorporating the "learning by doing" approach, aided by the child curiosity for truth, we stimulate the child enduring interest in learning through play and laying foundation for further advancement.